April 16th, 2005


Last Public Entry

Hey everyone!

Just letting you guys know, I'm going to start posting my journal friends only. I have had some problems with people who aren't supposed to be reading my journal reading it, so I'll add those of you who can be added, then I'm going to start posting friends only.

But so you all know....

I have an interview on Thursday! Yay! I'm going to the first round interviews for Chelsea High School. They are hiring a communications/English teacher and I'm very excited. They called yesterday, but I was working....at Sylvan! (That's going pretty well, btw) But I couldn't answer my phone, obviously, so he called back today. I think that's a decent sign, that the principal called me on a Saturday to have me come in for an interview. He said there were a lot of applicants though....but I got through the paper screen, so that's good. They liked my resume. Now its just time to charm the hell out of them. I hope I can do that. So It'll be a panel interview with the principal, an asst principal, and three members of the English staff... then I'll get a tour of the auditorium and the classroom space I'd be using, then I have to write an essay.....yes an essay, on what I don't know. So the whole process will take about an hour.....but I'm uber excited because this is my first interview of the season. Yay! I need me a job! Plus it might be nice to live closer to Chelsea, say..... Ann Arbor?? lol

Cart before the horse Sarah....gotta stop that.

Okay, well I'm gonna sign off. I need to go get ready to go get dinner and see Snoopy.
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